I often wonder to myself as I get older, can the wool really be well and truly pulled over my eyes, or do some people think I was just born and know absolutely nothing about nothing?
I walked into my local garage the other day, I was at the vets with my pet dog, he was getting a manicure, well I have glamoured it a wee bit, he was getting his claws cut, I did it once years ago to my little dog and went too far, the blood was coming from everywhere, so imagine how painful that must have been? anyway I have never done it myself since, much to the happiness of my wee dog Caesar.
Anyway I am digressing, I decided to get my car washed, lazy git I hear you say, well yes, the days of filling up buckets and rinsing the car went with the novelty of buying probably the newest car I have ever owned and that's over 10 years old lol.
I stopped into my local shop (and were I work) to get some bits and pieces, then after greetings from Caesar as if I had been gone for weeks, I decided to drive to the garage, around 400 yards from the shop
I drove in and happy looking parked my car near the car wash, and thought to myself, cool, its open.
I then went in to get a ticket to start the procedure, only to be met with a sarky Arab guy with broken English and a smug smile on his face.
I asked him for a car wash ticket, and was rudely stopped in my tracks to be told "it isn't working" but you can wash it yourself???
wash it myself? if I was going to do that I would have left it at home and done the biz? 
Whether its a pressure washer or not and the fact you still pay the same price for what I consider a better job by the machine, I wasn't having it.
To let you know, this has been a thorn in my side for almost 2 years, I have contacted customer services for the company concerned, got a nice reply, and was assured the car wash would be up and running in a few days? well yeah, it was, the emphasis is on the few days

how long it lasted lol.
I again wrote to the company as I feel this isnt good enough, I am a member of this company, meaning I get points, so if I cannot get my car washed I go elsewhere to get my fuel, makes sense?
I will let you all know the outcome, its me against a Giant Company, who cannot even afford to get decent equipment, this is indicative of today, no one gives a feck about Customers. 
Well except me.


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