Having worked in the Retail Industry for nearly eight Years, you come to know everyone who visits your shop, and try your very best to please them and give them the best possible Service you can, despite being on a minimum wage, some people actually take pride in their job and give some respect to paying punters.
However sometimes your smile, your politeness, your eagerness to please, there comes one person who is going to make your life a misery, no matter what, a person who stays outside the shop, imagining up some way of pissing you off for no reason because they get off on it.
Everyone has a job to do, imagine if their customers treated them horribly, after all everyone has customers, even an undertaker has customers even though these customers don't answer back.
We all know the "customer is always right" well that's the theory, but often they are not, and being rude, or in a bad temper isn't
 going to get the reaction you want, it will make the Assistant even more determined to piss you off.
Before you take your frustration out of a lowly minimum wage worker, stop and think, would I like to be spoken to like a piece of shit? would I react well to ignorance? I am sure the answer is NO.
So the next time you shop, one ear on the phone and another in cloud cuckoo land, stop and think.
Sales assistants are good but they are not registered mind readers, sometimes we are like caged animals we need fed information to make your visit as pleasant and as quick as possible.


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