Hi folks, me again, I am very unhappy with a certain Organisation, an organisation that likes to take rents, but alas doesn't like doing repairs, and it doesn't matter if you are able or disabled, you have to carry out your own repairs?
A scenario I have is a woman who is hitting 70 this year has repairs that need carried out at her home, I wrote to the Association on her behalf listing the things that needed done, two days later I received a reply, and was horrified at their response.
Basically they are saying that this lady, has to do most of her own repairs? she needs a security light replaced and its about 12 foot high, she, according to them is responsible for doing it herself? I don't know about you, but I wouldn't like my mum or Grandmum climbing up a high ladder to change a bulb?
So what are e paying rent for? well its obvious its not for repairs, some person must have sat down at higher level and decided to make a document, and it is all about "do it yourself" rather than them carrying out repairs in their properties as and when required.
Obviously I am not leaving it at that, and will respond, but they may not like it, as I think I may get Age concern involved and let them fight with the bureaucracy
that is Housing Associations.

Please note. this is not the lady concerned, this is just for posting purposes.


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