Hello folks, how are you? well we have seen a few debates so far on the coming General Election, so who do you fancy?
For many Years I voted Labour but after hearing today's manifesto from Labour its highly unlikely I will be voting for them.
Why? It was all going so well until Jeremy Corbyn decided to have a Free run of Migrants into the UK, for  me thats a no no.
This Country is struggling to make ends meet, the people of Great Britain cannot find work as it is, cannot get a home, cannot get their kids into school, cannot make ends meet, and this jumped up weirdo decides that free movement is a good thing? yes its a good thing for skilled workers, but will it stop there? don't think so, and before anyone gets their knickers in a twist I know the Health service would crumble without migrant workers, but we need to draw the line somewhere.
This has put me right off Labour and even if I wanted to waste my vote on UKIP, I would rather do that than let a Government open the flood gates for the whole world to come to Britain, It is about time we looked after our own, many of our own ex servicemen are struggling on the streets when they fought for this country and its beyond a joke.
I wonder what will be next from Labour? we shall have to see.

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Hi friends, me again, hope you are well, today has been beautiful, the sun has been shining most of the day, and the warmth has been welcoming, In the United Kingdom we are always thankful for nice weather lol.
Today folks I want to discuss thefts, from our local area, thefts that have left poor working class families without tools to work, and if they don't have tools they cannot do their job.
These days everyone is struggling to make ends meet, we are in the middle of Austerity, money is tight, money is scarce, we can barely pay our rent and bills.
To steal from someone else's property absolutely disgusts me, its like someone walking into your house without an invitation, you feel  vulnerable and scared, so why is it any different having you're vehicle broken into a tools stolen?
The people who carry out these thefts are clever, they pick quiet streets were ordinary folks are either in bed or settled in for the night with the blinds closed, these thieves are opportune, and always seem to get away.
The good thing about this is people in the area are more vigilant and tend to watch out for strangers coming into streets etc.
All I can say is I hope you are happy, taking the food out of families mouths and you will be caught eventually.


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So folks here we are again, we are coming up to another General election, what have the parties fighting for our vote have to offer?
Well so far as per usual the Tories are only thinking of the rich and as per usual to hell with the poor, the poor who keep the Country going by working till they drop.
The latest thing on the Tory manifesto is that anyone who needs to go into care will be allowed to keep up to 100,000 pounds of their assets before they have to pay for their own care, so how long do they think 100,000 pounds is going to last when your ushered into a care home? not long by all accounts as it costs a fortune for care?
But they think this is good, well friends they are the only ones, but what is the alternative? Labour promises to end hardship for the poor, pump billions into the NHS, make the higher tax earners pay more and perhaps put a penny or two on to the tax we pay.
I have been labour through and through my whole working life, but things changed when Labour turned out to be just as bad or worse than the Tories, spend spend spend and to hell with the consequences that's why we are suffering with austerity today.
I am Scottish and I take everything Sturgeon says with a pinch of salts, all she wants is an Independent Scotland, does she really care about the Scottish people? Does she not realise what the implications would be? As I said I am Scottish but I do not think an independent Scotland will favour the people, and all because she does not want to leave the EU, despite 17 million people thinking different.
One last thing on Brexit, no one knows still, what's going to happen when we eventually leave, and to be honest I don't think it will make any difference to us, as we will be able to trade worldwide instead of just Europe, Britain has a lot to offer, our industrial CV proves as such, so we will be able to trade comfortably worldwide.
That is off course if we are still alive as a cold war is brewing.


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For the life of me I am puzzled, In this neck of the woods, a supposed affluent area, were people want to retire, were people think they are safe, but are they really?
Lately all you read on Facebook, is someone's van being broken into, someone's motorbike stolen, someone's house being burgled, or worse someone going around stealing animals?
Almost daily you read about one of the above, and it is now getting to the worrying stages.
A young lad had his bicycle stolen this very day? 
What kind of people are we living with? what kind of people steal from a tradesman, steal his tools out of his van, when they know full well its his/her livelihood?
The answer of course is desperate people or people who just don't care about others.
Many Years ago you could actually go out of your house and leave the door open, no one dreamed of stealing from you, people were more respectful, people were not so desperate.
Why are people desperate? sadly drugs plays a major part in desperation, needing a fix comes down to having the need for money, if you don't work, you don't have money, so what is the next thing to do? steal!
Also it doesn't help when this Tory Government encourages the rich to get richer and the poor to be screwed, this is not an excuse but millions of families are now on the poverty line, even in work, food banks have been popping up all over the Country to help people who struggle to survive, however this is not an excuse to steal from your fellow man.
The thing that really sticks in my craw, is people who steal animals, pets who are loved by their owners, nurtured and brought up in families, do they not think that the family would be devastated? don't they have any morals? Not only does it traumatise the family it also traumatises the poor animal, they want love, they want to be looked after, imagine how you would feel if someone took YOU away from your family? you would be inconsolable.
I work in a shop and sadly the theft is rife, hundreds of pounds a week is going missing in stock and the only people being hurt are the genuine customers who pay through the nose for groceries, as companies do not take the loss.
I am gutted as this situation gets worse, the Police are stretched, Governments are cutting them all the time, and yet crime doesn't stop and can only get worse.
I feel sorry for our kids, God knows what its going to be like for them.

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Hi friends.

Today I would like to talk about Families. Gone are the days when family meant family and sticking by each other. In the early days of the 60,s and 70,s you looked after each other, you were a family unit, lo betide anyone who got in the way of family, or tried to hurt them, it is certainly changed days.
I am speaking in general as opposed to personally, as I watch things going on around me it is kinda sad, sad, that there are so many families split, never speaking to each other, never making that effort.
I also think its incredible how sons and daughters do not speak to their mum just because something happened outwith the Mothers control many Years ago, it is really, sad that they cannot forgive and forget and move on.
When you fall out with a friend, you may not speak to them for a wee while, or if it is serious ever again, but nine times out of ten all is forgiven and you become pals again, maybe not as close but pals nevertheless.
It only takes one person to make the move, but when everyone is stubborn, it can be a lifetime before you all finally get together, often what happens is there is a death in the family, and then everyone says "what if" well what if is too late, you need to move on and forget the past.
Siblings are sometimes the hardest nut to crack, when they fall out they fall out for a very long time, sometimes Years go by and there is no communication.
The thing that gets me is, what tragedy made them fall out? is it so serious you cannot discuss it and get over it? it is puzzling, but a puzzle that often ends up with a piece missing, therefore you cannot complete it.

weird eh?


Hi folks, I have just had the most traumatic few days I have had in a long time.
I was working away last night, and I got a private Facebook message from a friend and Neighbour.
A couple of days before that, I purchased 2 meat bones out of a famous cheap shop, I am sure you can guess, Poundland.
I bought one for my dog and another one for my neighbours dog, I have been buying these type of bones in Poundland for years and not once have I had any issues, I have even bought them for my daughters dogs and they were ok.
At the back of my mind I always thought cooked bones were better for your dog than raw bones, alas my friend told me this is not the case, cooked bones splinter easily and can cause a lot of damage to a dog, especially if that dog will eat the whole thing.
The message I received made me sick, I was told that my neighbours dog was rushed into the vet suffering from splinters in her abdomen, gut and tummy, I was devastated.
The instructions on the packet said it was quite safe for dogs, alas not this dog, she was touch and go,  and if she didn't improve she would have to be operated on, or worse put to sleep.
A sleepless night later, I was told the next day that she was improving, she managed to pass the bone fragments from her bowels under heavy medication. She was to come home that evening to rest.
I cannot tell you how much I was relieved, I felt responsible because I bought her that bone, as well as my own dog, but he didn't eat it all thank the Lord or he may have also been in the same situation.
My neighbour had to pay several hundred pounds in vets fees, but he is so happy his dog has gotten or is getting better.
The moral of this story is simple DO NOT GIVE YOUR DOG COOKED BONES, at any cost as the above may result.
I will be complaining to Poundland the next time I visit, they must be aware of their products and what they can do, potentially kill your pet.

Bones are now banned from this household, I will stick to treats that can be swallowed without any effort.


Surprise Surprise Theresa May has called for a General Election, why? because she knows she will win hands down, as there are no other parties strong enough to stand up to the Tories, certainly not Labour.
Jeremy Corbyn is a joke and will never make the Prime Minister of this or any other Country, I am not saying it is only down to him, but Labour need a strong Leader and in my opinion he isnt it.
I was brought up working class, my mum and dad voted labour most of their lives, when Labour actually stood for something, had Morals, and looked after the people.
In the heady days of the 70's Labour dominated because of the Trade Unions, every Organisation feared the Unions, Productivity suffered, but the rights of workers were back then the forefront of Unions and the Labour Party, these days I am not sure what Labour stands for.
So whats the alternative? in my opinion there isn't one, wish there was but sadly no party is strong enough to go against the Tories, even although Tory means care for the rich and screw the poor, that should be their truthful Manifesto, banks, rich people, industrialists that's Tory, working class, well who cares eh?
Despite the lack of Parties capable of votes, I am still and always will vote, I have never wasted my vote, and who knows some day it might even make a difference.
So its coming up to the Local Elections, my voting card is ready, who will I vote for? atm I am unsure, but bet your bottom dollar I wont be wasting it.
As I sit here thankful I have a job, and thankful to the Tories for my extra 10 pence per hour every year I wonder what our kids will have when they are our age? well for a start they probably wont be allowed to retire till they drop, and maybe by then the economy will be at its best, lets face it, its the argument all the time between parties, will the food banks close? will pensioners be able to use their heating? will there be any jobs at all? who knows, certainly no one seems to have the answers.


I do not know if you have watched the film? I have watched it twice and each time I watch it not only do I shed a tear but I become very angry quickly.
I cannot remember if this film was factual, I mean the story of the two boys befriending each other, one a German boy the other a Jewish boy, however it doesn't really matter because a scenario probably existed during the second World war.
I don't know why I watch these movies, it kinda draws me in to a point were I say thank the Lord I wasn't born in those days, naturally it did not apply to Brits, but the awful degradation and criminal murder of a people actually hits the spot as far as I am concerned.
For the love of me to this day I cannot understand why they got away with the mass murders? surely intelligence must have come from somewhere just exactly what they were doing? why was there no intervention?
I believe I read once that the Brits did bomb one or two camps, but never really concentrated on them as they were more interested in strategic targets, If I was there, I would have said sod your strategic targets lets try and free the millions of people who were being murdered en mass.
No one will ever forget the persecution,the utter contempt for human life, the near extermination of a people who done no one any harm. They were murdered on the command of a despot, a tyrant, and it seems back then the German people were mesmerized by this lunatic, as if he had put all the people in a trance, indeed the word is powerful, people can be led, but I cannot even begin to imagine how those people felt who were targeted and almost made extinct.
The story of the movie is well presented, it also highlights just how cruel the soldiers were, uncaring of human life, uncaring of treating humans as if they had stepped on something nasty.
The end is the saddest, when both boys are ushered with many other men, to the gas chambers were they both die.
The Guy in charge of the camp then probably realizes by his loss, that what he was doing just wasn't right. the moral of the story.


In an uncertain age when it isn't safe to go anywhere nowadays, what do we do? do we allow these terrorists to Govern our life? do we sit at home 24 hours a day, scared to go out?
The answer is NO. Why should we be scared to go out, why should we be terrified to go on holiday in the fear of being shot, knifed or blown up?
It is getting beyond a joke now, when Powers think they have the right to kill innocent people by sending one of the worst destroyers of humanity, a chemical weapon.
It is absolutely disgusting that a Country can even think about this let alone take action, thousands of innocent people were affected by the chemical weapon, which also killed many children? children? what have they done?
Mr Trump is getting a lot of bad press for taking action against a Country who had the voracity to use chemical weapons and it makes me sick to the stomach that no one before Trump thought about retaliation.
I am delighted that Mr Trump had the guts to face up to these butchers even though Russia were little pleased, so who cares, we cannot allow despots to send these abhorrent weapons to kill innocent people.
While we all sit in our cozy homes, lapping a life of luxury, these poor people do not know if they will be alive or dead from one day to the next and it is criminal, as everyone has the right to live and be free.
So do I think Trump was wrong, no I do not, and I do not give a shit whether Putin or anyone else is raging, that's tough, he did the right thing and I would stand by the guy again, hopefully he will rid the World of all the scum who decide to kill innocent people.
As for North Korea, they blow hot and cold all the time, itching to press the ultimate button, but what they forget is they will also be blown out of existence along with the rest of us.
So I salute you Mr Trump, good on you, don't allow these butchers to rule our World.


Hi folks, hello again, hope you are good, well finally our Government has triggered article 50, sounds like a bomb or something lol, its about time in my humble opinion, we will get through this and even though it will still take Years, it is what the majority of the Public wanted, and despite all the negativity from the remainders, the leavers won the day.
It was all a bit of a joke, we had a vote, the decision was we were leaving, however some politicians tried their level best to reverse the decision, so did they want to keep voting until the remainders won? hmm that's not democracy, and everyone knows it, I will give our Prime Minister her due, she wasn't having it and made sure the decision was met as per the voting public.
So what happens next? I don't think anyone knows, from top Politicians to the General Public.
It is believed that the UK will have to pay between 15 and 50 billion pounds in fees for leaving the EU were that figure comes from is beyond me.
Many people are worried that basic things like workers rights , health and safety, and policies will be changed once we leave the EU, but I can't see us putting up with that. There will off course be Tories who would screw us the workers further into the ground if they got away with it, but we will see.
Many EU nationals are scared they are going to be sent back to their own Countries? that would be impossible as most of them have lived and worked here for many Years, if that was to happen what would stop the EU from sending ex pats back to the UK, the mind boggles.
Will we be better or worse off leaving the EU? that's the million dollar question a question no one has the answer to.
All I know is that we will be able to Trade with those countries we were not able to Trade with before, which naturally, will benefit the UK economy.
At the moment, we do not have a Very good opposition to the Tories, the shadow government is lost, and I wonder if they will ever be found, so in my eyes  the Tories will have a free reign for many years to come.
God help us.


Hey folks its me again, hope you are all well, its a beautiful day here in England, the sun is shining, its warm, and its a real feelgood day, hope you are all having a fantastic day wherever you are in this beautiful World we call home.
Well what am I going to moan about today?

This is 2017, we progress so much, we are almost at the stage of the movies, many things are being invented, man is in space practically all the time, there is even talk of an expedition to Mars, by our cousins in America, and yet, sometimes it feels as though we are in the 1800s, we advance on so many things yet we go backwards in everyday progress.
In the UK we are proud, proud because we have an NHS, free to the point of delivery, well really it isn't free because Britain's pay what is called National Insurance, which helps towards the cost of medical treatment, as far back as I can remember, we have paid National insurance on our salaries.
It is in a bad way, it doesn't matter how much money is pumped into the NHS it always seems to struggle, why you ask, well my opinion is there are too many "chiefs" and not enough "Indians" too many Managers, being paid silly amounts to run a crumbling business by the day, everyone can see this except our Government, anyway we could be here all day discussing the plus and minus effects of the NHS.
Today I want to discuss "trying to get an appointment with your GP"
It is virtually impossible to get an appointment to see your GP within a four week period, you call up when your unwell, you get an appointment roughly 5 to 6 weeks in advance? well you don't have to be a brain surgeon to work out that if you are unwell you need to see a Doctor asap? but this is not the case.
The Surgery require you to get up at the crack of Dawn, phone in, and if you are lucky, you will get an appointment for that day, if you are unlucky, you have to repeat the process daily, until you are seen.
By the time you see your Doctor, your either dead lol or you are better, and therefore do not need their help.
It does not matter if you are suffering, even with terminal diseases, you cannot for the life of you get an appointment??
I have experienced this, as I suffer from Mental Health issues, I battle monthly to get my meds from the Mental Health team in another facility.
I had to finally write to my GP to complain about the poor Service I was getting, the fact I was more stressed battling to get my meds, than I was with my Mental Health issues made the situation ten times worse.
So whats the answer? I wish I knew, all I can say is that it is getting worse instead of better.

Have a wonderful day.



So once again we have been hit by Terrorists, once again Innocent people are killed and injured.
We can only imagine why because I don't think anyone has the answer.
It is getting to the stage that you are not safe walking the streets, its also getting to the stage that there will be more and more armed Police evident in our streets and why not?
If you go to other countries, the Police are armed, they are armed because they are not taking any chances.
I think the Government should arm our Police so that they are always ready for incidents like we just experienced.
I feel it for the poor people who died, the Police Officer doing his duty, the Mother collecting her kid from school, and I believe there is another guy who fell to the evil Terrorist.
The whole area was naturally cordoned off, Police, Ambulances everywhere as people fled the noise of gun fire.
All I want to say here is Britain didn't submit to Hitler, Britain isn't scared of anyone, and we will continue to live in safety thanks to the Emergency Services'
To the people who lost their lives we salute you, your always going to be remembered by family and friends.


Hey people, me again, thought I would share an article I discovered on facebook, this is pretty serious but make of it as you will.
The bomblast of Energy drinks hit the shelves some time ago, bragging they are good for you, and will energize you in minutes, these drinks are very popular, and many people young and old drink them in excess.
Some shops have an age restriction on these drinks as many parents do not realize their kids are drinking them, causing all sorts of hyperactivity, so in fairness they have a right to make sure their kids are protected by the law. The age to buy these drinks are 15 or over but some say they should be 18 and over but I will let you decide what is right.

below are some facts about these high sugared energy drinks, make up your own mind what you think.

Just 2 Cans A Day Of Monster Energy Drink Can Kill. Avoid At All Cost! - Juicing for Health 

Consuming energy drinks increases important safety concerns. Between 2007 and 2011, the overall number of energy-drink related visits to emergency departments doubled, with the most significant increase (279 percent) in people aged 40 and older.
A growing trend among young adults and teens is mixing energy drinks with alcohol. About 25 percent of college students consume alcohol with energy drinks, and they binge-drink significantly more often than students who don’t mix them.
In 2011, 42 percent of all energy-drink related emergency department visits involved combining these beverages with alcohol or drugs (including illicit drugs, like marijuana, as well as central nervous system stimulants, like Ritalin or Adderall).
In 2014, over 5,000 cases of young children were reported to poison control after becoming sick from ingesting energy drinks, according to the American Heart Association. They were reported as “accidental ingestions”, which resulted in serious side effects, including seizures, irregular heart rhythms, or dangerously high blood pressure.

Fourteen Dangers Of Regularly Drinking Energy Drinks

Energy drinks are heavily sweetened and convenient to drink. It appeals to the younger demographic who lack understanding in nutrition and have limited access to alcohol. We are seeing an increasingly high incidents of youngsters under 18 having dangerous side effects from consuming energy drinks:

Here are only a few dangers of regularly drinking energy drinks:
Adrenalin release
Allergic reactions
Cardiac arrest
Diabetes type 2
Drug interaction
Headaches and migraines
High blood pressure
Increased anxiety
Jitters and nervousness
Niacin overdose
Risky and violent behavior

Still want to drink energy drinks? good luck.


Hello friends, a warm welcome to my rants page. Everyone likes a good gripe nowadays, if it isn't about the weather its about work o...