Hi folks, I have just had the most traumatic few days I have had in a long time.
I was working away last night, and I got a private Facebook message from a friend and Neighbour.
A couple of days before that, I purchased 2 meat bones out of a famous cheap shop, I am sure you can guess, Poundland.
I bought one for my dog and another one for my neighbours dog, I have been buying these type of bones in Poundland for years and not once have I had any issues, I have even bought them for my daughters dogs and they were ok.
At the back of my mind I always thought cooked bones were better for your dog than raw bones, alas my friend told me this is not the case, cooked bones splinter easily and can cause a lot of damage to a dog, especially if that dog will eat the whole thing.
The message I received made me sick, I was told that my neighbours dog was rushed into the vet suffering from splinters in her abdomen, gut and tummy, I was devastated.
The instructions on the packet said it was quite safe for dogs, alas not this dog, she was touch and go,  and if she didn't improve she would have to be operated on, or worse put to sleep.
A sleepless night later, I was told the next day that she was improving, she managed to pass the bone fragments from her bowels under heavy medication. She was to come home that evening to rest.
I cannot tell you how much I was relieved, I felt responsible because I bought her that bone, as well as my own dog, but he didn't eat it all thank the Lord or he may have also been in the same situation.
My neighbour had to pay several hundred pounds in vets fees, but he is so happy his dog has gotten or is getting better.
The moral of this story is simple DO NOT GIVE YOUR DOG COOKED BONES, at any cost as the above may result.
I will be complaining to Poundland the next time I visit, they must be aware of their products and what they can do, potentially kill your pet.

Bones are now banned from this household, I will stick to treats that can be swallowed without any effort.


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