Hi folks, hello again, hope you are good, well finally our Government has triggered article 50, sounds like a bomb or something lol, its about time in my humble opinion, we will get through this and even though it will still take Years, it is what the majority of the Public wanted, and despite all the negativity from the remainders, the leavers won the day.
It was all a bit of a joke, we had a vote, the decision was we were leaving, however some politicians tried their level best to reverse the decision, so did they want to keep voting until the remainders won? hmm that's not democracy, and everyone knows it, I will give our Prime Minister her due, she wasn't having it and made sure the decision was met as per the voting public.
So what happens next? I don't think anyone knows, from top Politicians to the General Public.
It is believed that the UK will have to pay between 15 and 50 billion pounds in fees for leaving the EU were that figure comes from is beyond me.
Many people are worried that basic things like workers rights , health and safety, and policies will be changed once we leave the EU, but I can't see us putting up with that. There will off course be Tories who would screw us the workers further into the ground if they got away with it, but we will see.
Many EU nationals are scared they are going to be sent back to their own Countries? that would be impossible as most of them have lived and worked here for many Years, if that was to happen what would stop the EU from sending ex pats back to the UK, the mind boggles.
Will we be better or worse off leaving the EU? that's the million dollar question a question no one has the answer to.
All I know is that we will be able to Trade with those countries we were not able to Trade with before, which naturally, will benefit the UK economy.
At the moment, we do not have a Very good opposition to the Tories, the shadow government is lost, and I wonder if they will ever be found, so in my eyes  the Tories will have a free reign for many years to come.
God help us.

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