Having worked in the retail industry for nearly eight years, you can go to your shop, and try to get the best possible service pride in their job and give some respect to paying punches. 
However sometimes your smile, your politeness, your eagerness to please, there is a person who is going to make your life a misery, no matter what, a person who stays outside of the shop, imagining some way of pissing you off for no reason because they are getting off on it.
Everyone has been asked to do them horribly, after all has had customers, even an undertaker has customers even though these customers do not answer back.
We all know the "customer is always right" well that's the theory, but oft They are not, and being rude, or in a bad temper is not

Before you take your  leave, you will not be able to get out of bed ? would I react to ignorance? I am sure the answer is NO.
Cuckoo land, stop and think.
We are like caged animals we need fed information to make your visit as pleasant and as quick as possible.

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