I do not know if you have watched the film? I have watched it twice and each time I watch it not only do I shed a tear but I become very angry quickly.
I cannot remember if this film was factual, I mean the story of the two boys befriending each other, one a German boy the other a Jewish boy, however it doesn't really matter because a scenario probably existed during the second World war.
I don't know why I watch these movies, it kinda draws me in to a point were I say thank the Lord I wasn't born in those days, naturally it did not apply to Brits, but the awful degradation and criminal murder of a people actually hits the spot as far as I am concerned.
For the love of me to this day I cannot understand why they got away with the mass murders? surely intelligence must have come from somewhere just exactly what they were doing? why was there no intervention?
I believe I read once that the Brits did bomb one or two camps, but never really concentrated on them as they were more interested in strategic targets, If I was there, I would have said sod your strategic targets lets try and free the millions of people who were being murdered en mass.
No one will ever forget the persecution,the utter contempt for human life, the near extermination of a people who done no one any harm. They were murdered on the command of a despot, a tyrant, and it seems back then the German people were mesmerized by this lunatic, as if he had put all the people in a trance, indeed the word is powerful, people can be led, but I cannot even begin to imagine how those people felt who were targeted and almost made extinct.
The story of the movie is well presented, it also highlights just how cruel the soldiers were, uncaring of human life, uncaring of treating humans as if they had stepped on something nasty.
The end is the saddest, when both boys are ushered with many other men, to the gas chambers were they both die.
The Guy in charge of the camp then probably realizes by his loss, that what he was doing just wasn't right. the moral of the story.

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