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Was watching the news the other day, and as usual most of it was grim, if it wasn't about kids dying because their country is facing a drought, it was about the pesky Brexit were no one seems to know what is going to happen, and its all guess work, well surprise surprise, isn't that the truth, anyway as per usual I digress, what I wanted to talk about today was the absolutely disgusting and inhumane thing I have ever heard for a long time.
I am ashamed to call them human, as what human would throw a dog out of a moving car? A sick deprived individual that should have been tossed away with the afterbirth.
I was eating when the bulletin came on and I nearly threw up, can you imagine how that poor dog felt, when he was hurled out of a moving car, it doesn't matter what speed the car was going it is disgusting that it even happened, and to make matters ten times worse it was hurled onto a busy motorway|
The poor dog suffered two broken legs and naturally it was traumatised, the authorities were in utter bewilderment and it was touch and go that the poor thing would survive.
What kind of person could do this?if the dog had jumped out of the open window I would have understood, but for someone to physically throw it out is worse than a horror movie.
Thankfully the poor dog is recovering how it wasn't killed by oncoming traffic amazes me especially on a busy motorway.
Sadly this happened in my district of West Sussex, I am ashamed because it happened so near.

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