In an uncertain age when it isn't safe to go anywhere nowadays, what do we do? do we allow these terrorists to Govern our life? do we sit at home 24 hours a day, scared to go out?
The answer is NO. Why should we be scared to go out, why should we be terrified to go on holiday in the fear of being shot, knifed or blown up?
It is getting beyond a joke now, when Powers think they have the right to kill innocent people by sending one of the worst destroyers of humanity, a chemical weapon.
It is absolutely disgusting that a Country can even think about this let alone take action, thousands of innocent people were affected by the chemical weapon, which also killed many children? children? what have they done?
Mr Trump is getting a lot of bad press for taking action against a Country who had the voracity to use chemical weapons and it makes me sick to the stomach that no one before Trump thought about retaliation.
I am delighted that Mr Trump had the guts to face up to these butchers even though Russia were little pleased, so who cares, we cannot allow despots to send these abhorrent weapons to kill innocent people.
While we all sit in our cozy homes, lapping a life of luxury, these poor people do not know if they will be alive or dead from one day to the next and it is criminal, as everyone has the right to live and be free.
So do I think Trump was wrong, no I do not, and I do not give a shit whether Putin or anyone else is raging, that's tough, he did the right thing and I would stand by the guy again, hopefully he will rid the World of all the scum who decide to kill innocent people.
As for North Korea, they blow hot and cold all the time, itching to press the ultimate button, but what they forget is they will also be blown out of existence along with the rest of us.
So I salute you Mr Trump, good on you, don't allow these butchers to rule our World.

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