For the life of me I am puzzled, In this neck of the woods, a supposed affluent area, were people want to retire, were people think they are safe, but are they really?
Lately all you read on Facebook, is someone's van being broken into, someone's motorbike stolen, someone's house being burgled, or worse someone going around stealing animals?
Almost daily you read about one of the above, and it is now getting to the worrying stages.
A young lad had his bicycle stolen this very day? 
What kind of people are we living with? what kind of people steal from a tradesman, steal his tools out of his van, when they know full well its his/her livelihood?
The answer of course is desperate people or people who just don't care about others.
Many Years ago you could actually go out of your house and leave the door open, no one dreamed of stealing from you, people were more respectful, people were not so desperate.
Why are people desperate? sadly drugs plays a major part in desperation, needing a fix comes down to having the need for money, if you don't work, you don't have money, so what is the next thing to do? steal!
Also it doesn't help when this Tory Government encourages the rich to get richer and the poor to be screwed, this is not an excuse but millions of families are now on the poverty line, even in work, food banks have been popping up all over the Country to help people who struggle to survive, however this is not an excuse to steal from your fellow man.
The thing that really sticks in my craw, is people who steal animals, pets who are loved by their owners, nurtured and brought up in families, do they not think that the family would be devastated? don't they have any morals? Not only does it traumatise the family it also traumatises the poor animal, they want love, they want to be looked after, imagine how you would feel if someone took YOU away from your family? you would be inconsolable.
I work in a shop and sadly the theft is rife, hundreds of pounds a week is going missing in stock and the only people being hurt are the genuine customers who pay through the nose for groceries, as companies do not take the loss.
I am gutted as this situation gets worse, the Police are stretched, Governments are cutting them all the time, and yet crime doesn't stop and can only get worse.
I feel sorry for our kids, God knows what its going to be like for them.

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