So once again we have been hit by Terrorists, once again Innocent people are killed and injured.
We can only imagine why because I don't think anyone has the answer.
It is getting to the stage that you are not safe walking the streets, its also getting to the stage that there will be more and more armed Police evident in our streets and why not?
If you go to other countries, the Police are armed, they are armed because they are not taking any chances.
I think the Government should arm our Police so that they are always ready for incidents like we just experienced.
I feel it for the poor people who died, the Police Officer doing his duty, the Mother collecting her kid from school, and I believe there is another guy who fell to the evil Terrorist.
The whole area was naturally cordoned off, Police, Ambulances everywhere as people fled the noise of gun fire.
All I want to say here is Britain didn't submit to Hitler, Britain isn't scared of anyone, and we will continue to live in safety thanks to the Emergency Services'
To the people who lost their lives we salute you, your always going to be remembered by family and friends.

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