So friends, we are finally here, today is the day were everyone gets a chance to vote for the Party they think will be able to lead our Country out of brexit, whilst dealing with the everyday politics of the UK.
It will not be easy for whomever gets elected as these times are pretty rough, they are rough because we are being  attacked almost every month from extremists who are doing their level best to destroy a Country that has survived all sorts of despots and fanatics.
I am not happy of the fact that the latest set of inhuman scum were alerted to Police some Years ago and nothing was done, so one asks oneself, if they had been detained would the poor people who were murdered in London and Manchester be still alive?
There is supposed to be an enquiry but how does that help the families who have lost loved ones, when it may have been prevented.
I have no idea who will win the General Election, the results will be broadcast as they come in tonight all over British television.
Whomever wins has a massive task ahead, to seek out the radicals and get them to feck from this Country before they actually kill more innocent people.
While its very serious just now, it makes me feel happy that the pets we love and adore are getting their spot in the election by turning up to polling stations all over the Country, this to me is cool, and it takes the rough edge of Politics.
I am not going to tell you who I voted for just now, but I will reveal in future posts, until then friends, be safe, be careful and please use your vote.

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