I am very lucky, lucky in the respect that outside my front door I am surrounded by beautiful country side, the beauty is boundless and never ending, lovely trees and foliage cover a huge area of ground and the walkways are astounding, but sadly you still get morons who cannot look after it.
Going on a nice walk in the country, you realise just how lucky we are that Mother nature has created such beauty, not just for us humans but for the wildlife living off the land,
It is very sad that you walk in a public walkway with your pooch and come across a lot of litter and mainly its beer cans or wine bottles or the occasional pet owner who decided to throw his dogs bagged shit in a bush or on the walkway, so what was the point of picking it up, if you were just going to throw the entire contents in a bush or on the walkway?
Why are people so sad, and downright ignorant to the fact that bottles, cans and bags of dogs shit do not disintegrate for all time and are left defacing the land?
I have a passion for this and when I see such things it saddens me to the point I have to pick up the items and place it in many of the bins pinpointed all over the place, sadly some people don,t see them or indeed care.
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take good care of our countryside and remember it doesn't belong to us, it belongs to the many creatures who live there and try to survive amongst human waste.


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