We all do it, we buy stuff, we don't really need and yet we cannot do without it, we shop and we shop, and still we don't really need half of the things we buy.
I think behind the purchases lies a need for excitement, like bidding on an auction site and bidding more and more just because you can. I think the companies draw us in, and before we know it we are hooked, E bay is a classic example, the last second bid you put in could be the bid that wins, sometimes this is true, other times someone has got in there first, and when you don't win the item, you feel, drained and let down ring any bells?
I think the secret of buying is when you purchase something, throw out something, that way you have newer items and don't keep the old ones, this isn't easy as you often try to sell on the old stuff but never get your money back because people want things cheap, or free.
I feel I could easily be a hoarder, its easy to get caught up in the disease, the way you recognise your a hoarder is if someone  says, "wow you have a lot of stuff" or when your moving and you realise just how much stuff you have and don't really need.
The hardest part is getting rid of stuff as you always think in the back of your mind that it will come in useful one day, but realistically it never does.
I do feel for people who hoard and can relate to them, its all about organisation, and need, and sometimes you need that kick up the ass to get things moving.

are you a hoarder?

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