Hi friends, hope you are all well, me again with yet another rant, this time its about the Ruskies.
I opened my email this morning to find an email from Tumblr, weird, I thought at the time, and I wasn't fully awake so I just glanced at it, it appears I have liked a post from someone who was working for the IRA. ? eh, who the hell are they? I have not got a clue, and why would I ? I use tumblr yes, but rarely give a second thought to what I am reading or passing on? The Russians could have infiltrated my whole account for all I know, well lets face it there are no secrets in this platform.
I believe reading the news that they influenced the voting on the US presidency? so what has that got to do with me as I live in the UK. so I cant even vote let alone bother who is going to be the President of the USA.
Whats happening with Russia? why are they always interfering with other countries? off course they always deny such things but I am now wondering what else are they infiltrating?

Russian tumblr

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