You turn on Facebook and what is the first thing you see, some sicko being cruel to animals just for kicks, why? it makes me sick to the stomach.
How can people be like that, if they can do this to defenceless animals what do you think they could do to humans?
I wish I could submit the horror to them as they inflict it on Animals for no reason.
It has come to the stage were if I see this sort of thing I delete it immediately, as it upsets me for several days.
This is I suppose brushing it under the carpet, but what the hell do these people gain?
Animals are not put on this planet to be abused, yes we kill them to eat, yes thats a necessity but how can people be so cruel towards domestic pets who only show love and companionship.
I would love to get my hands on these people for  5 minutes and torture them to death and ask them how they feel about being abused.

Please be kind to animals, they only want love.. 

animal cruelty RSPCA

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