Hi folks, hope you are all well,
So its come to this, sending missiles into Syria, by the British, American, and French Governments, all because a Tyrant thinks he can just send chemical weapons everywhere at the drop of a hat and pretend there wont be any reprisals, how the hell can anyone send chemical weapons to kill their own people? I am baffled by this, I can understand sending chemical weapons to another country or enemy but not to wipe out your own people?
Over the years too many tyrants have tried to quash their own people and although the results have been horrifying they have eventually been put to task.
I think Russia will retaliate in some way, they have to be seen as a power that will not stand back whilst its allies are bombed.
This all came about because chemical weapons were also sent to the UK, the fact no one will admit to it disguises guilt.
I am still puzzled why Russia would want to kill 2 of its citizens in another Country, and come to think of it, why was the guy and his daughter in the UK, I understand he was a spy, but whay did they come here?
The implications are now serious and a threat imminent, we just have to sit back and see what Russia will do to retaliate if indeed they do, so we are entering another cold war, whats up with this World, has it been too quiet and peaceful for too long that we look for every excuse under the sun to ignite conflict? it seems we are never happy unless we are killing each other.
The movies you watch on tv may be fiction but the way things are going they could become reality.

Say NO to war.

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