Are we turning into the USA or not, I'm not saying thats bad but we are sharing similar cultures these days, and one thing we share is the care and welfare of obesity, common in a lot of countries.
The UK like many other places in the World has its share of obesity, some more than others.
It isn't nice, but lets not say that ALL people who suffer with obesity, are guzzlers of food, because a lot of  people its an illness they cannot help.
In the UK, the Government have decided to take action against companies that fail to comply with sugar in their products and have placed a tax on sugary drinks with immediate effect.
I ask you who will suffer this tax, the companies? no, the Government, no, it will as always hurt the poor people of this Society as always.
The companies will merely increase the price of a sugary drink so they will not lose anything.
I am not saying taxing sugary drinks is a bad thing, but so you think this will stop with a tax?
I work in retail and can safely say the tax on sugary drinks has made little or no difference as it flies from the shop shelves.
The anti obesity tax as some are calling it, will have an effect on the poorer of society who probably drink more sugary drinks than anyone else.
I feel personally that individuals should have the intelligence to make up their minds as to the implications of sugar. 
I also think that children should be educated at an early age to prevent obesity.

sugar tax UK

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