Hello friends, hope you are well on this beautiful summers day.
Tonight I would like to talk about Vaping, this time I want to discuss the addiction of the metal stick that blows out vapour, whether you use nicotine or not and what are the implications.

I started vaping last October, I decided I wanted to stop smoking, I was a heavy smoker, sometimes smoking up to 40 cigarettes a day, every opportunity I had I would smoke, because I enjoyed it sooo much, and to hell with the implications on my health.

I never thought I would be able to cope without a cigarette, I even keep a packet of hand rolling tobacco in my drawer in case I ever have the hankering for a real ciggie, suffice to say I have NOT smoked since I quit last October, not even having a sneaky one, absolutely none at all.

Would I have been able to do it without my ecig? the answer is simply NO.
I use my vape pen all day up until I go to sleep, the only time I do not use it is when I am at work or sleeping, so am I addicted to it?

The sceptics say that an Ecig is just as bad as actually smoking  but how can that be? there are no harmful chemicals for a start, and you do not crave for the machine, you do not smell of smoke, your house is nicotine free, your ability to smell and taste returns, so how can I think its just a habit like smoking itself.

People I have spoke to have said "well you might have stopped smoking but now your addicted to an Ecig"?

perhaps I am, but I'm a darn sight more healthy and richer having given up the cigarette.

To end, I think  vaping is harmless cheaper than buying real cigarettes which are topping nearly 10 pounds a packet and the juice you can get around a pound a bottle, so it makes sense to continue.

Do you vape??

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